About us
About us
The Charitable Foundation, "Change One Life" assists children from orphanages and child-care institutions to find families and live fulfilling lives.
In addition, we provide adoptive and natural parents with all of the necessary information and support from specialists. Such comprehensive assistance reduces the volume of abandonments, which could result in children returning to the orphanage system.

The Foundation provides all services concerning assistance in making family arrangements for orphan-children as well as support for adoptive families free of charge. This is only possible with the continued help of many of those who choose to be part of the solution and make contributions to the Foundation's programs.

What do we do?
We help orphan-children to find their new homes.
How do we do it?
We create tens of thousands of personal video profiles about orphans all over Russia.
What else?
Our specialists at the Foundation readily consult and support adoptive and foster parents.
Every four hours a child from our database finds a family. Many thousands of children are already home!
Our team
Meet the stuff of Change one life Foundation
Yana Leonova
Julia Kolesnichenko
Head of information and education projects
Ekaterina Fedosova
Development manager
Iolanta Kachaeva
Kirill Lazarev
Technical director
Natalia Nevzorova
Database analyst
Maria Paltseva
Head of ProFamily project
Irina Khlopova
Program manager
Olesya Shulgina
PR Manager
The people say...
I want to say thank you so much! I found my little son thanks to the video profile on your website. Our kid has been with us for more than a year. And this video is a memory. Special thanks to Ekaterina for her responsiveness.
I want to thank you all from our big (already) family! We arrived safely home. We arrived only yesterday, but if feels like we have never being apart!) Without your foundation it would never happen, we would never meet our child! Thank you personally for the fact that you just answered all the questions that immediately! Thank you very much!!!
I'd like to express our particular gratitude on behalf of our family. This week, we adopted and brought our girl home from Irkutsk oblast thanks to seeing her video profile. With her previously only having such an official-looking photo, like from the state databank, she could hardly expect to find parents in the near future. We certainly would never have met that wonderful child. It's a very long way to Irkutsk oblast and I don't think that many people would want to make the decision to go there having only one photo of the child, especially a such a poor and unnatural one.
This is a wonderful project and such a necessary one. It's very important to know that, in case of emergency you can ask for help and that you can always secure a stress-free hour or two to take care of your own affairs. Besides, it's often impossible to solve some problems in the presence of a child/children. Of course, if you have grandparents, you might not need this service so much, but I, for example, don't have any grandparents, and for that reason, in a lot of cases this project is a real salvation for me.
Not everyone can adopt,
but everyone can help
Not everyone can adopt,
but everyone can help